Katerina Can Read!

[AdSense-A]   My stomach in a knot, tears on hold till alone stung my eyes, shoulders slumped in defeat as I regarded the alarming Reading Benchmark score during Katerina’s first grade parent/teacher conference.  The kind teacher quickly pointed to Katerina’s impressive score in Math,  more than quadruple the points compared to Reading.  I nodded my […]

“My parents took us to a bar and rode the bull!”

The kindest and most proper secretary was stifling a laugh with huge shocked eyes when I picked up Katerina from her cozy elementary school.  Katerina seemed to be basking in the glow of her attention. As we approached the car outside, Katerina announced that she’d told her Speech teacher as well as the secretary all […]

Colonial Williamsburg-I’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

The last time we’d visited Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown was six years ago, both in the lovely state of Virginia. What used to be a quick five-hour drive was now a whopping twenty from Minnesota! I used to be crazy over Williamsburg, even had a dress made to wear when we visited. Everything about the […]