Already December?

Autumn had been whisked away by the ever-roaring wind. I had quickly grown used to layering Katerina and Nikolas, so many layers, and threatening Elizabeth to add more. I wondered how they could even move.

Lingering November

Hi again, I realized that I needed to get out of the past, but had to first pay my regard to the rest of November and December. Let’s see, I ended the last post with Nikolas’ birthday…It was that time of year when stores and TV commercials do everything in their power to force you […]

Two weeks of November

November was such a busy month that I thought I’d have this article go until Nikolas’ birthday and skip several things I’d initially wanted to write about for a later post.  Writing these articles is quick and I enjoy it but the hassle and time-consuming part is the pictures, and I know, pictures are the […]