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So This is Christmas…and Happy 2013!

Christmas moved in so swiftly before I could even wrap two presents. I didn’t even get half of my Christmas cards sent out, and I’m sorry if you didn’t receive one because I don’t even remember who I sent one to. I also lost the cards until the day after Christmas.

Still Chasing that Christmas Spirit

Nikolas was too excited for Christmas, claiming that it was close to painful that the days took so long to pass.  Teacher’s gifts were fun this year.  I gave each huge platters with a pistachio cake, baklava, and cookies.  On top, they each received cozy socks and a hand sanitizer.  I love giving cookie platters […]

Checkin’ the Christmas Activity List Twice

Pre-Christmas activities can  feel like a big cram session, our attempt to make Christmas memorable and magical for the kids, school concerts, cookie-baking marathons, Christmas traditions, watching twenty Christmas movies, enough popcorn and butter to make our bodies appear like one big popped piece, and I didn’t even mention the shopping and wrapping.