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A Touch of the Winter Carnival

Being Minnesota newbies we were exploring the must-see things to do and I was asking lots of questions to find out what these were. Naturally,  we’d been advised to check out the Winter Carnival and had also promised Nikolas a trip to Groth Music.  I thought it would be a fine day to kill both […]

There’s Always the Museum

MN residents have a strong resilience to the harsh winters, regardless, the bitterly chilled wind eventually creeps into the bones and can make life seem dull. We are a museum going family, something my dad instilled in me as a child. Nikos (my husband) is never as inclined to go, sometimes even Elizabeth needs some […]

My Growing Baby Girls

This January has been the longest, coldest and bank account-draining month of the year.   Elizabeth and Katerina are ten years and five days apart.  This was not an easy month on several levels with  Nikos’ business,  rarely getting out for walks, knowing that some people outside of our family are going through serious issues in […]