Journey to Sweet Sound

The results of Katerina’s hearing tests always ended with a question mark her first three years of life. She was a squirrely toddler, and the nurses waved the test results off, said she was fine.   Katerina was indeed fine, her heart patched up and healthy, she was simply happy and filled with sunshine. Katerina’s […]

Bonnie’s Komfort Kardz

Dear readers, Back when Katerina was suffering from congenital heart disease, all of my being, every thought and emotion was consumed by my baby girl. My memory of those dark days is characterized by an ever-flowing volcanic eruption, which eventually solidified into glorious shiny obsidian. The reflection reveals darkness yet lustrous shine to keep with […]

Thanks-and Misgivings at the Beach

Hmm..Where should I begin? The long drive wasn’t so bad, just the typical bickering and sibling barking over spacial rights. Nikos’ “other woman” told him to go up and down and all around a mountain in rural Tennessee for three hours in the dark night for no reason but to drive me CRAZY. Nikos was […]