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Bonnie’s Komfort Kardz

Dear readers,

Back when Katerina was suffering from congenital heart disease, all of my being, every thought and emotion was consumed by my baby girl. My memory of those dark days is characterized by an ever-flowing volcanic eruption, which eventually solidified into glorious shiny obsidian. The reflection reveals darkness yet lustrous shine to keep with me always. During that time, we received many cards, caring words of encouragement with uplifting messages inside. I cannot recall if I replied or thanked those thoughtful senders, but I will forever remember my heart being touched by their loving words.

Bonnie Humke experienced a life-threatening disease when she was 18-years-old, which haunted her for twenty years. Bonnie recalls the comfort and encouragement she felt by receiving the many cards by friends and family during her illness, cards that provided her with a loving connection during a lonely and frightening journey in her life.

Bonnie is a gifted photogragher and artist, having published a collection of books and an e-card line entirely and skillfully designed using her original work, Komfort Kardz.

The intention behind Bonnie’s uniquely artistic cards is to reach out to those who are suffering, creating a powerful connection to those who may not necessarily have the voice or ability to express such a need. Communication, care, love, hope and relationships are fundamental needs shared by all people. Bonnie’s cards provide fulfillment when one or all of these characteristics are not met.

I remember the dread I felt when the phone would ring during Katerina’s illness. I always cried and couldn’t finish a sentence. Receiving cards helped alleviate the awkwardness, helped me maintain composure, and preserve a private connection with the sender.

My friend Lillie from church told me a while back that the artists will change the world. Bonnie is one of those artists, sharing her heart and gift of artistry to touch many hearts. Thank you Bonnie for Komfort Kardz, you never know when a card can make all the difference.

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