Campfire Talk

This will undoubtedly be my favorite destination on my website. I adore camping talk! Let’s talk gear while we are together. We have the epitome of laziness tent, the kind invented for the husband who has been coerced, nagged, guilt-tripped, and is entirely unmotivated to go camping with his family.

We recently purchased our second Coleman instant tent, which sets up in a minute by the OCD/neurotic type, otherwise it takes the average individual a mere five minutes to proudly show off their tent-building expertise to the rest of the campground. There is the label on the side, “Coleman Instant” so be sure to find an out of the way campsite if you feel a little humbled.


If you are wondering what happened to the first tent, please go to the “disaster vacations” forum. Now I like comfort camping. I prefer campgrounds with clean bathrooms, flushable toilets, a small camp store, a playground, and spacious sites. I am not a “roughing it” type as much as I would aspire to be. We have instant mattresses, which can be deflated in seconds, rolled tightly for space and weigh two pounds. I pack our pillows and sleeping bags, and usually grab a comforter.

A propane stove for me is a necessity. I don’t believe in eating lifeless canned food fare, in which to dread dinner all day long. Campfire food can be entirely as gourmet as you are motivated to cook. I often plan an appetizer before out meal, which might be an olive tapenade with small toasts, following a meal of panko-encrusted chicken with a mushroom cream sauce, served with cilantro risotto and veggie kabobs. If you are the type who needs to carefully measure ingredients out, this could prove problematic for you.

My husband still has quite a bit of neanderthal left in his DNA and therefore feels determined to build the most obnoxiously huge fire in the campground. I remind him but to no avail that that would came from beautiful trees like those surrounding us, and that he is contributing far more to global warming than styrofoam cartons.

The kids play and run around and I am acutely aware of time fleeting before me, forcing me to nostalgically tuck away these wonderful visions of my sweaty smiling children in my special Mama pocket. Inevitably, I grow misty-eyed on every one of our hundred plus camping trips.


There is no other time in my life when I feel more alive, happy, and truly grateful for what I have than when I am sitting in my camp chair, surrounded by nature while camping.

Once you have faced the hassle of packing up your house, forgetting a few items, heard your husband struggling and swearing with the luggage, you are there, out in nature. Camping forces you outside. The stars shine brighter, the air whispers freedom, and you are once again in touch with that interconnected instinctual bond with nature.

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