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Summer in Bretagne

The sun-warmed sand cradled my head, lent me comfort from the late August chill the wind carried.  I flitted between colorless dreams to vividly reflecting upon the last two months that had swiftly swept by. Last summer, my three kids and I traveled to France. Initially, the plan was to meet my husband in Greece […]

And Just Like That, One Flew From The Nest!

  It’s a mid-September morning. Kitchen still needs work from all the baking that happened for my Saturday market, already sub-teaching, though it’s not busy the first weeks of school. White bean chili is in the Crock-pot, thinking I should get some exercise at the Y, but instead I’m sitting and talking to myself and […]

I Love Paris in the Summer

It had been too long since I’d last visited Paris. I lived in Caen and later Paris after I’d graduated from high school to study French for nearly a year, and it was dumbfounding to travel through time to present day, with my three kiddos in tow! We were an exhausted bunch, thanks to the […]